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Brooklyn Based Queer Collective


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Photo by Jeremy Allen (New York Times)



"XOXA is a platform, party and DJ collective based out of NYC with a worldwide reach. Their mission is to support and highlight artists in the electronic music scene while providing an intentional space for dancers and partygoers. XOXA works closely with DJs spanning genres, scenes, countries and backgrounds all with the common goal of uplifting and unifying marginalized artists."

You can follow @xoxanyc on Linktree Resident Advisor Instagram SoundCloud and Facebook for more information on upcoming events and projects.

Visit the ARTISTS page for more information on our residents. Contact us for collaboration and press inquires.


XOXA works with many talented guest DJs, performers and artists locally, nationally and internationally. Past guests have included BLACK GIRL / WHITE GIRL, Harry Gay, Whitney Day, LADYMONIX, Russell E.L. Butler, Analog Soul, Will Automagic & Nita Aviance (The Carry Nation),  Dee Diggs, Boo Lean, Alexis Curshé, Veblen Defect and hundreds of talented local and global DJs. Their parties feature a wide range of electronic sounds but often focus on high energy emotional sets and heavy club dance music, rarely constraining themselves to one genre.


In December 2021 they collaborated with Madrid based queer collective Others to the Front to throw a party in Spain. They have also completed two UK tours including well known venues & parties such as Egg LDN, Dalston Superstore, VFDalston, Netil Radio, Rumpus party, Cabaret Voltaire & Shoot your Shot. You can catch them often playing on The Lot Radio and on their two UK based radio residencies; EHFM & AAJA.


XOXA has held parties and residencies at well known NYC venues such as Nowadays, Le Bain, Good Room, Black Flamingo, Elsewhere, House of Yes, Jupiter Disco, Bossa Nova Civic Club, Mood Ring, Heaven or Las Vegas, Bogart House and more. They have been featured in The New York Times, Time Out NY, Go Mag, DoNYC, Bushwick Daily. 


Photo by Jeremy Allen (New York Times)


Queer inclusive

Everyone is welcome at XOXA NYC 

*Priority to our queer, trans and POC family*

Respect the
dance floor

Respect people's space and safety on the dance floor especially when it's at its most crowded.


Please don't assume someone's pronouns

have fun

Dance, connect & unwind

Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens


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